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No, not dead, just buried under the mountain that is Google. The first few months at Google are pretty intense, and I've been having a blast. We're still working on Ninja, stay tuned for more awesomeness there. Overall I think I'm digging myself out from under the pile, and should be posting here more and re-engaging on Twitter.

In the meantime, I've been finishing up a new project: The JavaScript Programmer's Reference, which will be published by Apress. I just finished up the first draft of the last chapter last night. This project came out of nowhere for me, I was brought in to co-author on the project that was floundering, so I dove in head first and really worked hard to get things on track. It's been an awesome experience for me, though I wish I'd been able to do it faster (see above, Re: new job at Google). And I hope people will find it useful. As soon as we get the Table of Contents set up I'll do a post about it explaining more about the content and our take on the language and how we built the reference.

Unfortunately, both the new job and the new book have delayed my work on updating jQuery Mobile. I apologize for that, and I do intend to move forward with that update. The jQuery Mobile team has been doing awesome work, and they've really brought some great new features to the framework, and the old book just doesn't cut it. Once we've finished the editorial process on the other book, I'll get right back on updating jQuery Mobile.

It's been a busy winter for me, but totally worth it. The new book has only served to increase my appreciation of JavaScript. There are aspects of the language that I never get to use in my daily work, simply because they're not called for, and so it's been really an amazing thing to revisit them as I've been writing about them.
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