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I've finished the update to Chapter 1. I updated details about the new features of jQuery Mobile 1.1.1, mentioned the awesome new download builder, and provided more details on my development environment.

Chapter 1 is really just an introductory chapter, though. The big changes start in Chapter 2. I think I may have to redo all the screen shots in the book to reflect the new styles.

I also reworked the introduction to reflect the new versions and examples.

These changes aren't available yet, so no need to go download a new version of your ebook. I want to submit all the changes at once to keep the book coherent, and since we're talking fairly major updates to every chapter the editorial staff will want to give it a once over before regenerating the ebook. However, that process is quite simple: the book is basically a set of XML files in a SVN repository. Whenever I do a SVN commit I can command the repository to regenerate the PDFs by providing a specific tag in my commit message. It's pretty nifty.

I'll keep posting updates as I work through the changes, and once the new ebook is ready I'll definitely let everyone know here and on Twitter.
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I have finished gathering the materials for the update to jQuery Mobile. There are significant changes in progress for a couple of the chapters, especially Chapter 4, "Theming jQuery Moble." Some of the API chapter are also significantly out of date--for example, jQuery Mobile no longer has a responsive layout API, so that entire section is going to be redacted. I will also need to redo the screen shots to reflect the updated UI. There are also errata that readers have kindly sent in which I will be including, and suggestions from colleagues. The list of things to change is quite long.

When I started this project a year ago I expected this. I'll always be playing catch up to the jQuery Mobile development team, not only because the framework is still fairly new but because mobile technologies are evolving rapidly. This is one of the reasons why I love working with mobile technologies, and jQuery Mobile in particular.

The good news is that I can make updates to the ebook and as they go into production everyone who already has an ebook license can download the new version. Eventually we'll have to consider doing a second edition, maybe when jQuery Mobile itself goes through a major version change or goes through a significant evolution.

Stay tuned to this blog and to my Twitter feed for further updates.


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